Apogaea 2018 • Valdez, CO • June 7-10, 2018

WIZΔRDS CΔMP will be back in full at Apogaea this year! We are planning to have more campers this year with more space to our location. As well we plan to park a party bus in our area which offers a dab bar (with E-nail). We have also applied for an art grant to hopefully bring the "Wizard Warmer" - which will be a fabricated fire structure in shape of Wizard Hat. We are making puppets as part of our new puppet collective in which we plan to introduce this year in the form of a puppet show. As well we will of course be offering our Wizard Wand Workshop and our CRUNK-B-Q - this year we are bringing a 'Wizards Gone Wild' party as well.
See ya Soon! Stay tuned for pics!

For more information on Apogaea - please visit the official site.