Orgonite Workshop

Wizards Orgonite Workshop @ Apogaea

  • Location : Wizards Camp @ Apogaea
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  • Date : Jun 10, 2022

An orgonite pyramid is a resin composite that has metals and crystals layered in a pattern. The Orgonite pyramid is one of the most renowned items for its ability to convert negative energy to positive energy helping balance the spiritual, physical body and emotions as well.

We will have many different orgonite molds for you to choose from and as well as many options to make a variety of beautiful types of orgonite.

Orgonite pyramids are beautiful pieces of art with amazing healing properties. Check out the Pics!

If you have something small and special and would like to use it in your orgonite we encourage you to bring it. Special items could be glass, crystals, wood, ashes, organic material, etc. and shouldn't be larger than 1"

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