Wand Workshop

Wizards are hosting our Wand Workshop again this year which allows you to make an original wand or staff with lots of magical accessories!

  • Location : Wizards Camp @ Apogaea
  • |
  • Date : Jun 11, 2022

Let's face it, being a Wizard today requires rocking original crafted tools for all your day-to-day magic. Making a wand or staff at Wizards camp will surely add a new apparatus to your Wizard gear collection which you could just use at any moment.. in the moment!

Be wise and use the Orgonite you made from the Orgonite workshop on Friday to put on your wand or staff! See a Wizard during Orgonite workshop for details how to do this.

Wizards Wand Workshop is Magical - Check out the Pics!

If you have something small and special that you would like to put on your wand or staff we encourage you to bring it. Special items could be glass, crystals, feathers, lights, etc.

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